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Welcome to my website. I'm administering it myself at the moment, which is why it's not looking very slick.
Also, I'm not very comfortable promoting myself. Never have been. Not useful if your job depends on telling people how great you are so they pay money to see you working...so here goes. Er...I'm a stand-up. Have been for a long time. Good at it; you can check the biog and press quotes from the drop down menus. I am about to start performing my new solo show,
Nick Revell - Gluten-Free Jesus; Seven Easy Steps to Mindfulness, Weight-Loss, Enlightenment, Spiritual Detoxing, Untold Riches, and Dealing with Disappointment. (I'd love to put the title in bold type but can't figure how to do that. Like I say, new to doing websites.)
I'll be doing at the Brighton Festival, May 25 26 and 27,
www.brightonfringefest.co.uk/show.asp?ShowID=4210 and then have a few previews around the country before doing
the Edinburgh Fringe, Aug 5th-28th