My radio series BrokenDreamCatcher- “sublimely surreal…wonderfully odd.” (Gillian Reynolds, Sunday Times) “uplifting good” (Miranda Sawyer, Observer) is available here (series 1)  on BBC Sounds and here (series 2)

The Nick Revell Show and The Million Pound Radio Show get repeated quite a lot on Radio 4 Extra.

What they said about the last live shows - Eurasia's Most Eligible Psycopaths and Their Lovely Homes, and Clash of the Hipster Shamans:

I don't know how long Nick Revell has been doing the Fringe – on and off since the 1980s I expect – but i can't believe he was ever as good as he is now. I caught him recently at the Laugharne Festival in Wales and was blown away. Bruce Dessau

A Nick Revell story is like a verbal white-water rafting adventure. And it always starts so gently. Like this year … just a moment in the park with Sophie the Influencer and a puff on some weed rolled in paper printed with one of Philip Dick’s best-loved works. And down the Revell Rabbithole we go. There is no stopping, no breathing, just narrative shot through with random thoughts, pointed asides and, initially, quite a lot of information about the Silk Road. One of Revell’s most accomplished skills is his ability to blend reality and fantasy, so that as you hurtle through the verbal rapids you will suddenly ricochet off something and realise that a brilliant political point has just been made, or spin around only to find that you have just been hit with a smart socio-political insight. The hour is a real head rush (no drugs necessary). A master of his craft. Scotsman

‘Absolutely outstanding…a glorious piece of esoteric, literary fiction…anarchic, erudite comedy’ The List ****

‘wonderfully surreal political allegory’ Morning Star ****

‘a tight, fast-paced satirical hour’ Fringe Guru ****

‘hypnotic…poetic…engrossing, incredible….a master story-teller with a powerful and original mind’ BeyondTheJoke****